Orchard Heights – Phase 2 of Sycamore Binh Duong project

Update the latest information on the next phase of the Sycamore CapitaLand project. After the success of the first open sale event – The Orchard closed subdivision, the heat of the Sycamore project has been shown. The Sycamore project is located on the frontage of Hung Vuong Street, one of the main arterial and connecting roads of Binh Duong New City. Possessing a convenient location for moving and connecting to the heart of the city center, providing residents with outstanding nearby amenities.

Toàn cảnh dự án Sycamore Bình Dương
Toàn cảnh dự án Sycamore Bình Dương

The Sycamore project is deployed on a large area of ​​18.9 hectares including the following subdivisions: The Orchard – Orchard Heights – Orchard Hill – Orchard Grand. Phase 2 of the project is the Orchard Heights high-rise apartment complex.

Current progress of the Sycamore project

Planning on schedule, the project is still accelerating the construction process, expected to be handed over in 2025. Sycamore is a key project, invested in by CapitaLand at a huge cost. When placed on the scale with neighboring real estate projects, Sycamore has outstanding advantages.
In terms of future development potential, Binh Duong Young City is also an area with clear investment planning, uniform growth, attracting many foreign companies to build and work. The policy of the local government in Binh Duong is to improve the quality of transportation infrastructure, which not only creates favorable conditions and improves the quality of life for residents but also increases the value of the Sycamore project itself.

Some pictures updating the progress of the project

Toàn cảnh công trình dự án | Sycamore CapitaLand
Toàn cảnh công trình dự án | Sycamore CapitaLand
Cập nhật tiến độ dự án | Sycamore Bình Dương
Cập nhật tiến độ dự án | Sycamore Bình Dương

Orchard Heights – Sycamore CapitaLand high-rise apartment complex

Overview of Orchard Heights subdivision

When light and darkness blend, the Orchard Heights twin towers provide a private and peaceful living space. Let your mind separate from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and sublimate with existing emotions. Orchard Heights is an area consisting of 4 types of 24-storey apartments. A 10-storey apartment complex with a total product count of the Sycamore project of up to 3,700 apartments. Area of ​​each apartment at Orchard Heights:

  • 1 bedroom apartment, area 50m2
  • 2 bedroom apartment – 2 bathrooms, area 82-88m2
  • 3 bedroom apartment – 2 bathrooms, area 117m2

CapitaLand has always been one of the leading investors in modern design and development. The design of each Orchard Heights apartment always takes advantage of natural light and integrates glass windows. Create open space, airy airflow, build a rich and fresh living space.

Orchard Heights | Phân khu căn hộ cao tầng Sycamore CapitaLand
Orchard Heights | Phân khu căn hộ cao tầng Sycamore CapitaLand.

Type of apartment at Orchard Heights Sycamore

The Orchard Heights Sycamore project in Binh Duong is divided into 7 different areas with many types of apartments and houses to serve residents. The first area will be built into a 10-storey apartment building. The other two subdivisions are structured as townhouses, including semi-detached houses and villas with private gardens.
In addition, there are 4 other areas built with 24-storey towers for each residential community. The area also has dining and shopping amenities such as convenience stores, cafes, restaurants and spas.
When owning a product in Orchard Heights, residents have the opportunity to enjoy a living space close to nature. Immediately experience entertainment and sports facilities at parks, playgrounds, water play areas, soccer fields, tennis courts,…
Orchard Heights Sycamore Bình Dương - Phối cảnh
Orchard Heights Sycamore Bình Dương – Phối cảnh

The key project Sycamore with a lot of sustainable development potential is still open for sale. Contact consultant for new subdivision Orchard Heights – Sycamore Binh Duong project from investor CapitaLand:

Hotline:  (+84) 931 130 691 – www.sycamore-capitaland.com.vn

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