Sycamore CapitaLand urban area project

Continuing the success of the unique launch event for The Orchard Sycamore subdivision. Investor CapitaLand continues to accelerate the Sycamore Binh Duong project. The Sycamore complex contains the following subdivisions: The Orchard includes: Orchard Heights, Orchard Hill, and Orchard Grand. Phase 2 of the Orchard Heights high-rise housing complex development.

Các phân khu dự án | Sycamore CapitaLand
Các phân khu dự án | Sycamore CapitaLand

Orchard Heights – Sycamore CapitaLand high-rise apartment complex

Overview of Orchard Heights subdivision

When light and darkness combine, the Orchard Heights twin towers create a secluded and tranquil living environment. Allow your thoughts to disengage from the hustle and bustle of daily life and sublimate with existing feelings. Orchard Heights consists of four types of 24-story residences. A 10-story apartment building with the Sycamore project’s total product count of up to 3,700 flats. The area of each Orchard Heights apartment is:

  • 1 bedroom apartment, area 50m2
  • 2 bedroom apartment – 2 bathrooms, area 82-88m2
  • 3 bedroom apartment – 2 bathrooms, area 117m2

CapitaLand has long been a top investment in modern design and development. Each unit is designed to maximize natural light and integrate glass windows. Create an open space with good air flow. Create a vibrant and new living area.

Orchard Height | Phân khu căn hộ cao tầng Sycamore CapitaLand
Orchard Height | Phân khu căn hộ cao tầng Sycamore CapitaLand

Outstanding features at Orchard Heights apartments

Architecture is exceptionally artistically crafted. Both visually appealing and meeting modern housing requirements. Regenerate positive energy in your own home. The common area of the flat is large. Provides a sense of warmth and connection in the family. Furthermore, investor CapitaLand prioritizes the comfort of living space. Smart cooking system paired with spacious balcony and diversified lobby.

Orchard Heights Sycamore Bình Dương - Phối cảnh

Type of apartment at Orchard Heights Sycamore

Orchard Heights Sycamore project in Binh Duong has 18.9 hectares. Divided into seven distinct sections, with a variety of apartments and houses to serve people. The first portion will be developed into a ten-story apartment building. The other two subdivisions are designed as townhomes. This includes semi-detached homes and villas with private lawns.

In addition, four other regions have been created, each featuring a 24-story tower for its residential community. The region also features food and shopping options, including convenience stores, cafes, restaurants, and spas.

Residents who own a product in Orchard Heights can enjoy living in a natural setting. Experience the park’s entertainment and sporting facilities right away. Amusement park, water play area, soccer pitch, tennis court…

Sycamore, an important property with significant sustainable development potential, is still for sale. Contact the consultant for the new subdivision. CapitaLand has invested in the Orchard – Sycamore Binh Duong project:

Hotline:  (+84) 931 130 691 –


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