With a scale consisting of two towers, Aire and Breze, connected by a suspended glass-bottomed swimming pool that offers panoramic views of the Saigon River, the project is considered to have many unique highlights with 70 amenities focusing on health, fitness, and well-being for residents.

The project features a special design with three separate elevator cores for each building, and the 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom units are designed with private elevators.

d’Edge Thao Dien Floor Plans

d’Edge Thao Dien Floor plans consist of 22 floors, divided into various types of units ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms and duplexes to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Let’s explore the detailed floor plans of each type of apartment to get an overview of the interior design space for the units!

These detailed floor plans showcase the thoughtful design and functionality of the units in d’Edge, ensuring that residents have a comfortable and modern living environment.

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