Those who should buy should invest in Sycamore Binh Duong

Converging full position and ultimate prestige with Asia’s largest CapitaLand investor. The first closed Compound project in Binh Duong New City, Sycamore, is intended to advance the goal of developing a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

A project with considerable potential and a number of first-rate amenities. Including 75ha Park, entertainment Clubhouse, swimming pool, Cigar Lounge, Zen Garden, Gym, Sauna, Co-working area shared office… Has attracted a significant number of long-term real estate investors. So, who should acquire and invest in Sycamore Binh Duong?

People seeking a sustainable lifestyle

Sycamore is based on the image of the same-named tree, which reflects the project’s motivating attitude. With a maximum lifespan of 400 years. As a result, Sycamore Binh Duong prioritizes nature-inspired lifestyle and environmental protection. In particular, infrastructural systems for electric vehicles and energy-saving solutions. Sycamore’s target clients will include those who value a green lifestyle.

Loyal customers who have owned projects from CapitaLand Investor

As a well-known investor, its construction projects have earned a high level of confidence. CapitaLand constantly has a “old and new” customer base that pays close attention to investment opportunities. As a result, every project is completed from beginning to end. CapitaLand has prepared everything and is strongly committed to it. This is also a prerequisite. The Sycamore Binh Duong project already has a data domain and a core client base.

Khách hàng sycamore bình dương
Khách hàng sycamore bình dương

The customer is a foreign expert working in Binh Duong

Binh Duong currently hosts and employs over 500,000 international experts. This figure is predicted to increase by 10-20% year. When Binh Duong is becoming the second most appealing investment destination after Ho Chi Minh City. With a high income and style of living, many specialists embrace remote work because there are few projects in Binh Duong that fit their needs.As a result, Sycamore was founded to provide comprehensive amenities and facilities to meet the development needs of foreign professionals.

A knowledgeable individual who has clearly learned about the developing market of Binh Duong New City

With a preference for long-term investment, Binh Duong New City is clearly on the rise. And garnered no little expectations in comparison to Ho Chi Minh City. Although the transportation system and highways have received more investment, upgrades, and expansions. However, residents have not returned for a variety of reasons, most notably land.

The majority of buyers are investors, thus there are still few residents. Furthermore, industrial parks are not currently working at full capacity. Buyers are nonetheless concerned about the project’s population density. However, customers should take advantage of this chance while prices are low. Setting the groundwork for Binh Duong New City’s expansion during the next five years, the value of real estate in Binh Duong will change significantly.

People who desire to diversify their investment portfolio while enjoying a comfortable, high-end lifestyle

Sycamore is a mixed-use development that provides a variety of housing options. Suitable for consumers’ different investment needs, including apartments, townhouses, and villas. A location that offers numerous benefits in terms of location and surrounding amenities.

Above importantly, Sycamore Binh Duong boasts CapitaLand, which focuses on the beautiful décor of its surrounding amenities and services. However, not all investors capitalize on and satisfy this component of the client experience. This is a safe choice with the potential for long-term growth and profit.

Khách hàng sycamore đa dạng hóa danh mục đầu tư
Khách hàng sycamore đa dạng hóa danh mục đầu tư

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