(News) – Embodying the spirit of Zeit Living with its four core values: Zenith, Experience, Innovation, and Timelessness, Thu Thiem Zeit River brings a groundbreaking architecture that creates an exquisite living space for the affluent residents.

Elegant architecture stands out in the heart of Thu Thiem

Real estate investors appreciate Thu Thiem Zeit River for its romantic design, featuring exquisite curved lines that resemble a unique flower shape in the “heart” of Thu Thiem. This “flower” holds a prime position in the new urban area, offering panoramic views of the Saigon River and the vibrant city.

“A key strength of the design is the careful calculation of the distance between the two towers and the apartments to ensure the circulation of fresh air and the capture of sunlight throughout the space,” shared representatives of VGSE (a subsidiary of GS E&C in Vietnam), the investment and development entity responsible for the project.

Architectural design resembling delicate flower petals creates a harmonious “symphony” of nature within the urban landscape (project rendering).

In addition to emphasizing the creative element reflected in the architectural design inspired by vibrant natural colors, capturing sunlight, and embracing all emotions, the representative believes that the significance of the experiential aspect and the enjoyment of the Zeit Living lifestyle (E – experience) also brings a sense of happiness to successful homeowners when introducing their homes as “This is my home.”

Designing “chill” corners in luxury apartment complexes such as BBQ areas, swimming pools, and parks seems to be one of the essential amenities for developers to showcase the quality and prestige of the project. At Thu Thiem Zeit River, the competitive edge in terms of residential amenities is further enhanced, as not just one, but four amenity areas are thoughtfully arranged on the ground floor, 5th floor, 19th floor, and 20th floor.

The high-end ecosystem of amenities stretches from the infinity pool, pedestrian walkways, children’s play area, ground floor café zone, to outdoor BBQ area and sports facilities on the 5th floor. It includes the relaxing hanging garden on the 19th floor, the sky pool, city-facing gym, and the sky lounge on the 20th floor. All of these aim to provide a “comfortable home-like experience with resort-like luxury.”

Collection of 4 utility spaces promising a resort-like living experience (project rendering).

The design features four distinct utility spaces that are separate yet contribute to connecting people with nature, emphasizing the timeless element of Zeit Living in vibrant green surroundings. With low building density and optimized green spaces in public areas, every moment spent in life alongside the Thu Thiem Zeit River home allows residents to be satisfied with their investment.

Integrated with advanced management and operation technologies, Thu Thiem Zeit River establishes a complete system of parking guidance, smoke extraction in basements and corridors, air filtration, ventilation, and heat recovery systems. It also features smart and modern standards for elevators and emergency rescue buttons, providing peace of mind for residents’ lives.

Living spaces with a strong personal touch.

With people as the key element and the spirit of Zeit Living spreading as a catalyst for life, Thu Thiem Zeit River sets high “pressure” standards for itself, but also appreciates the challenge that living spaces should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also touch the hearts of each homeowner.

“Each apartment in Thu Thiem Zeit River has a suitable standard size. The layout of the main and auxiliary entrances to capture wind and light is a feng shui element that stands out. I imagine stepping into the apartment and gently feeling that it truly feels like home, without the sense of a rigid and oppressive concrete block, but a place of peace, where nature and modern architecture converge,” said Ms. Thuy An (38 years old, Ho Chi Minh City), a customer present at the project’s opening day.

From a real estate perspective, each apartment has meticulously selected tangible values to provide on-site amenities and comforts. Residents can appreciate even the smallest details, such as the thoughtful arrangement of the living room and adjacent kitchen to create a space that fosters family bonds, the safety and standards with intelligent lighting and motion sensors, or the modern living space with kitchen cabinets from leading European suppliers.

With the spirit of Zeit Living, Thu Thiem Zeit River aims to create a sophisticated living space that is close to nature (apartment rendering).

The unique architecture of Thu Thiem Zeit River not only brings the “smart living” style with three top standards: smart apartments, smart operations, and smart security but also creates a “green” home with a contemporary touch in the heart of the city.

Limited quantity: 300 units (1BR – 4BRs & Duplex)
Developer: Vietnam GS Enterprise (VGSE)
Hotline: +84 935 45 96 86

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